Gallipoli Commemorative Statue coming soon

Marking this year’s centenary of the disastrous Gallipoli Campaign, “The Line of Fire” is the work of current Defence artist Captain (Hon) Matt Gauldie. It is being gifted by TOTI Trust from public fund-raising, donations and sponsorship.
The large bronze weighs in at over 200kgs and depicts Gallipoli soldier-artist and Hamilton hero Sapper Horace Moore-Jones, known for his iconic Anzac painting “Man and the Donkey”.
The statue shows Moore-Jones sketching, as though at Gallipoli, kneeling on a seven tonne block of stone gifted and transported to Hamilton by the Turkish Government and the City of Çanakkale through the efforts of Turkish Ambassador Damla Yeşim Say.
TOTI Trust chair Dr Bill McArthur said Ambassador Say’s support reflects the historic impact the Gallipoli Campaign had on both ANZACs and Turks, and today’s enthusiasm for collaboration.
“The statue will add an historic and story-telling landmark to the CBD’s heritage South End.”
Mayor Julie Hardaker said the city is thrilled to be receiving this outstanding gift.
“This year is the 100 year commemorations of the landing of Gallipoli and it is particularly significant that Hamilton will now have an art work that connects our city with those events 100 years ago and pays tribute to Sapper Moore-Jones whose art work is known worldwide. I extend my thanks to TOTI and those who have contributed to enabling the city to receive this work of art,” says Mayor Hardaker.
The commemorative statue will include new technology, with a replica camera containing a computerised viewing lens and visuals of Gallipoli, Moore-Jones’ works, and other historic references to enable the cross-media story-telling experience.
“The Line of Fire” will overlook the heritage site where Moore-Jones gave his life rescuing others from the 1922 Hamilton Hotel fire, near the bordering cul-de-sac renamed in his honour two years ago in the first stage of the TOTI initiative. He was Hamilton High School’s first art master.
The artwork has a replacement value of $250,000.

Timetable: City Council clears site, Watts & Hughes construct statue base on site,Feisst Electrical with WEL Networks connect power, pre-fabricated plinth installed, slab of Gallipoli stone craned in and bolted on top. Finally, the bronze will be lowered and bolted into place in late March. The completed height will be over five metres. The public unveiling is set for dday Friday 27 March.

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